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    90-Min Dance Party with Tina B.

    It's Party Time!​

    It's 90-minutes of ridiculous fun helping Tina B. celebrate her birthday early! Get ready to rock out in sneakers AND in heels. Are you ready?
    *The facility does not allow children.

    Tina B. at Packapalooza 2016

    Oh Yes!​

    This is the third year Dance N2 Shape has appeared on the Show Stage at North Carolina State University's Packapalooza. Catch Tina B. on stage line dancing at 5pm.


    Welcome to DANCE N2 SHAPE where we've put the fun back into fitness for women. We offer the best dance-based fitness classes in the area designed to give you a total body workout and enable you to lose unwanted pounds, tone muscles, and improve your overall health while doing something you enjoy ... DANCING. Let's face it. If you don't enjoy your workout you won't continue it and this is one workout you'll absolutely LOVE!

    ​DANCE N2 SHAPE reaches out to those who just can’t seem to fall in love with the gym no matter how hard they try but absolutely LOVE to dance! We offer a wide variety of classes that will get your heart rate pumping, work muscles you forgot you had and best of have you feeling better than you have in a while! Instead of running the treadmill or doing a million jumping jacks, why not DANCE N2 SHAPE?

    Check out our online calendar and visit a class near you! You'll be glad you did.



    TINA B.

    "Dance N2 Shape is the most fun you'll EVER have working out!" ~Tina B.

    "Can I tell you a secret? I've NEVER been a fan of traditional exercise. Yes, it's true! Just like you I'd joined gyms year after year hoping THAT would be the year my New Year's Resolution of working out would stick. I never made it past February. Exercise seemed like a chore to me. I dreaded getting it done and would put it off for as long as I could ... until DANCE N2 SHAPE!


    I'd just had my first child and needed to get back into shape. A childhood friend was opening a fitness studio in my area and asked if I could teach a Hip Hop class. I taught twice a week and absolutely LOVED IT! I'd found a way of getting fit while doing something I loved. Sadly the gym closed and so did all the others where I taught. Determined not to give up on my newly found passion I decided to rent a room and continue to do what I loved. I called my classes DANCE N2 SHAPE because that's exactly what we did. Pounds were shed and self esteem grew week by week. Women came from all over the area and the classes were full of people who were laughing, sweating and DANCING!


    ​I am so proud to see Dance N2 Shape take flight. We have participated in events as large as DANCING 'N THE PARK with thousands of participants each year in downtown Raleigh and as small as church PRAISE PARTIES with those in congregations who simply want to keep their temples fit! Classes are available in several areas of North Carolina and Stone Mountain, GA and a DANCE N2 SHAPE DVD will be released early 2017! Dance N2 Shape has changed my life and I'm sure it will change yours as well! Give it a try."


    Visit www.TinaMooreBrown.com to connect with me!


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